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Resources from the field to help education networks mobilize knowledge, reach new audiences, and help serve priority students.

Centering Equity in Programming and Research

This framework explores the plurality of ways that research-practice partnerships (RPPs) conceptualize issues of equity, and with what consequences for what gets studied, whose voices are included in inquiry, and what knowledge is foregrounded in partnership activity. 

RPP teams can use this framework to structure conversations around equity within their work. The framework includes questions that can support RPP discussions in every phase of a collaboration, from the early design process to the dissemination of findings. 

Using Affinity Spaces

This resource describes possible purposes for racial caucusing and suggestions for facilitating affinity spaces well.

A compilation of tools to help guide formation and facilitation of caucus or affinity groups.

This essay was developed by Crossroads to assist Anti-Racism Teams confront internalized racist oppression and internalized racist superiority

In this blog on convening staff racial identity groups, Project Coordinator Kad Smith shares what he learned from facilitating CompassPoint’s People of Color Caucus.

Engagement Strategies

An excerpt from Impact Networks on four key principles to realize the immense potential of collaborative and purpose-driven networks.

Since 1994, the National School Reform Faculty has created and refined more than 200 protocols and activities to use in Critical Friends Group® communities, classrooms, meetings, and beyond. Each one is designed to help you arrive at a specific desired outcome, efficiently and effectively.

Communications Strategies

This toolkit, based on deep user insights collected over several years, outlines a process for optimizing high-quality resources to meet the needs of practitioners.

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